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    • All Insurance companies, agents and brokers are basically the same, why should
    I choose Health Quest Insurance?

    • What is an HMO?

    • What is a primary care physician?

    • What is a PPO?

    • What is POS?

    • What is a deductible?

    • What is a Co-Payment?

    • What is Co-Insurance?

    • What is Out-Of Pocket Maximum?

    • What is Cobra?

    • What is HIPAA?

    • What is Short Term Medical?

    • What is Medicare?


    • What is Term Life Insurance?

    • What is Whole Life Insurance??

    • Which is better, term or whole life policies??

    If you wish to provide inexpensive protection for college tuition, bills and a lack of income for your beneficiaries in the event of your death, then you may be better off with term insurance.
    If you wish for life insurance to be use more for tax & estate planning purposes the whole life insurance may be more suited for you. You should consult with a financial advisor.

• When should I buy term life insurance?

• How much Insurance Should I buy?

• I understand that term insurance policies range from 5-30 years, what length of term insurance should I buy?

• Do you offer a No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policies?

• Why should I buy a life insurance policy if I already have one through my employer?

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