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Health Quest Insurance, Inc., is a free online source for instant health insurance quotes. We have established relationships with all the major carriers. Our goal is to become your one stop shopping service for individual and family health quotes in Nevada. For instant quotes click here.

• We will do the legwork for you and can find the right health care plan for you and your family.
• We offer a broad portfolio of Health plans from all the Nevada Carriers.
• We will find the Government Subsidies you deserve, up to 100% of the premiums maybe available to you.
• We are like the energizer bunny, we won’t stop until you have coverage.
• No need to go any further, give us a call today!!

The Nevada Exchange and the Affordable Care Act

Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in March 2010, many of you who are looking for insurance will now qualify for subsidies through the Health Exchange. This will allow you to purchase a comprehensive medical plan at an affordable price. As insurance brokers, we will help you navigate through the Federal Health Exchange.

What is the exchange? An exchange is a government-run marketplace of health insurance plans. An “off-exchange plan” refers to a health insurance policy that is not available for purchase within a federal or state exchange.

What is the difference between “off-exchange” and “on-exchange” plans?

Applicants within a specific income range, are eligible to receive assistance known as subsidies to lower health care costs. One of these subsidies is the premium tax credit designed to help people pay their monthly health insurance premiums. Subsidies are only available to applicants within income qualifications that purchase health plans “on the exchange”.

Want to calculate your subsidies? Apply for a plan on the exchange? For further information regarding plans on the exchange, please call 1-775-425-6868 to speak with a broker.

For Instant quotes for plans off the health exchange, use the form below.

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